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The Alley On Bitter History

You can’t have an 1800’s dairy farm buying research paper online mixed with amazing specialty stores and fabulous dining spots without one heck of a backstory. Ours is pretty interesting.

In 1878, an Austrian adventurer, the Baron Von Tomasini, headed out to seek his fortune, leaving behind his wife and children to await his return. He landed in Mexico, liked the area and felt it was a good place to secure a brighter future for them all. Upon returning to Austria to retrieve his family, he found, unfortunately, that he had been gone a bit too long. His wife, having given him up for dead, was remarried and settled in comfortably in her homeland.

The Baron returned to Mexico, but decided to head north to Texas. He fell in love with the hill country and began to acquire land for a dairy farm. He remarried, had four children, and together with his new family developed one of the most successful dairy farms in the region. Over the years, he purchased 400 acres which was occupied by his descendants until the 1970’s. At that time, the land was divided among his heirs and sold.

In 1975, a creative young lady came upon some of the Baron’s farmhouses and barns, but rather than farming and ranching, she saw shopping. She leased 4 acres of land housing the buildings. Soon they began to take shape into storefronts built with wood and windows from 100 year old houses, and vintage decoratives from demolition cast-offs. In 1981, the leased property was purchased and over the years, the shopping mecca grew and developed into what you see today…an eclectic collection of specialty stores offering wonderful shopping opportunities and restaurants to please any diner’s palate.

The Alley on Bitters is a fun place for everyone to visit. It has grown and prospered in this location for over 35 years. In hindsight, maybe it was a good thing that the Baron’s trip took too long as the Alley seems the perfect complement to carry on the Baron’s adventurous spirit.


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