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Total Harmony Yoga

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(210) 748-8247 or (210) 865-5378

At Total Harmony Yoga we will help you develop and build on a foundation of yoga postures in the Hatha Yoga tradition. Yoga poses will be introduced with progression of all participants to improve the flow of motion throughout your yoga practice. Using the breath as an essential element, you will move gently through standing and seated poses that will help tone and strengthen the body, improve stamina, flexibility and mobility. Here one is left with stimulating the relaxation response that can help reduce anxiety and stress. The end state achievement is leaving you in Total Harmony of mind, body and spirit.

**New Member Special** 10 Classes for $50!

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Web: www.totalharmonyyoga.com
Phone: (210) 748-8247 or (210) 865-5378


Total Harmony Yoga
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