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Shopping with Siobhain

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]You might have seen her on the TV as Siobhain Anders, meteorologist on WOAI TV and KSAT-TV, but you may not know that she was born and raised right here in San Antonio, and as a fifth generation Texan her favorite phrase is “ya’ll.”

Siobhain’s first love is her family, both her fur-legged children and her two redheaded daughters! Second love is the weather, with shopping and “picking” as close third. Her mother, Diane, had an eye for spotting unique and unusual items and taught Siobhain how to source and find collectables where no one would think to look!

Shopping with Siobhain is a gifts, collectibles and home décor store with an emphasis on vintage, antique, natural, one of a kind, unique and unusual trinkets and treasures from around the globe.

She loves all things western, Texas, ranch, Americana and man cave! The shop is filled with carefully curated antique furniture, glass baubles, copper bowls, brass and silver handmade knives. They carry a variety of animal hides including cow, Texas longhorn, axis deer, African plains game, caribou, sheep and goat.

Her shop represents many Texas artisans who specialize in creating treasures from native wood to produce coasters, crosses, wall decor, boxes, and rolling pins. For the man in your life, gun holsters and shot-shell bags made of Cape buffalo and zebra hide from South Africa; for the man cave; vintage taxidermy, natural skulls and alligator heads as well as horns and antlers. Their collection of Damascus steel knives feature handles made of antler, bone, wood and fossilized mammoth tusks, teeth and bones.

You’ll also find vintage oriental style rugs and wrought iron accents.

Stop by and see what Shopping with Siobhain has in store for you.

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